Carpet Cleaner Machine

Constructed of non corrosive poly ethylene. Three fast disconnect spray jets for simple maintenance. Whorled Brush style provides constant floor contact. Automatic float shut off prevents spoil to vacuum motor. Operator friendly control board. Three approach resolution management switch. Removable recovery tanks with convenient drain ports. Cleans up to 230 sq.mts per hour.

Lightweight, stackable style for simple transport. It can be operated at zero, forty five and ninety degrees. 3 totally different speeds to attain most performance. 1HP motor cuts drying time to half. Protecting screen at each gap give most safety. Designed to form channel flow of air whereas maximising CFM.

Wide space vacuum for powerful suction and easy manoeuvrability. Durably made for speed and quiet operation. The light-weight combined with powerful brush action gives you spectacular results. It cleans up to 2322 Sq.mts per hour. Five stage filtration provides ninety five percent filtration competences at five microns.

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